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Thursday, May 16, 2013

New Interface Update for Roku 2 Devices

Over the past 2 weeks Roku has been silently and randomly rolling out a new firmware release to Roku 2 series players. As of the 14th of May, you can force this update by going to:
  • Settings
  • Software update
  • Check now

This new update gives older "2" series Roku players the same interface as the new Roku 3.
 From the Official Roku Blog:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

PBS and PBS KIDS channels come to the Roku Channel Store!

Since I got my first Roku player, I've wondered why PBS doesn't have their own Roku channel - and I'm not the only one who has wondered that. I've been asked by several people where to watch PBS on Roku, and the only answer I could give them is Hulu - which, as we all know, is a paid service when using a Roku. I couldn't understand it myself, since PBS has always been an early adopter of technologies that can spread their programming to a wider audience.

But now at last, PBS and PBS KIDS have their own Roku channels!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

iView 3500STB: An HD Tuner / DTA Converter Box / DVR / Media Player for about $50?

UPDATE: until iview fixes the problems in its firmware, I am no longer recommending the  iView 3500STB.  I am recommending the HomeWorx HW-150PVR

A lot of people have asked me about digital converter boxes, HD TV tuners, and DVRs, and where to get them for cheap.

How about a device that does all that, and costs under $50?
What if you could also play videos from USB devices, too?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

KBYU TV Channel 11.3 Drops "PBS Create", Now Showing BYU International

As of today, May 1, 2013, KBYU channel 11.3 from Salt Lake City has dropped "PBS Create" in favor of "BYU International". For those that want to watch PBS Create, it can be seen on Idaho Public TV channel 10.3 from Franklin County where most of PBS Create's programming is on the "Learn" channel. For those with FTA (Free-To-Air) satellite, it's one of 14 PBS Ku band channels on AMC 21 (125.0 W)

BYU Television International is a cable/satellite television channel operated by Brigham Young University. BYU Television International broadcasts simultaneously in English, Spanish and Portuguese, with most of the programming also seen on its sister channel, BYU Television. Content originates from BYU, BYU-Idaho, BYU-Hawaii, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and independent producers. Broadcasting via Satellite and as KBYU's 11.3 subchannel, BYU Television International is available in most parts of the world. It aims to provide viewers worldwide with high-quality, educational and inspirational programming. It is available through direct satellite broadcast services such as Dish Network and DIRECTV, as well as on the internet as two separate Ooyala streams: one for Spanish and the other for Portuguese.

I have mixed feelings about the change myself. Channel 11.3 was the only full-time PBS Create channel available in Utah, but here in Northern Utah I can get most of Create's programming on Idaho PTV's 10.3 "Learn" channel. On the other hand, I hate "duplicate" channels that show the same programs, and I appreciate that there are many here in Utah who will appreciate another unique free TV channel.

BYUtv International's schedule can be found here: