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Sunday, May 4, 2014

MOVIES! Utah's CW30 Adds Movies! Network on 30.2

I lost CW30.1 and ZUUS Country 30.2 a few times this past week. Sometimes when I re-scanned I found a 30.3 sub-channel - with nothing on it. Or nothing on 30.2, and ZUUS on 30.2. But on Saturday May 3 when it happened again - I re-scanned, I found ZUUS Country had been moved to 30.3, and 30.2 is now the MOVIES! network.

Movies! (stylized as "MOVIES!") is an American digital multicast television network that is owned as a joint venture between Chicago-based Weigel Broadcasting and the Fox Television Stations subsidiary of 21st Century Fox. The network features an emphasis in its programming on feature films; it is available in the United States through the digital subchannels of broadcast television stations, as well as on select cable providers. Movies! is broadcast 24 hours a day in the widescreen picture format (available in either in standard-definition or high definition depending on the station's preference). The network competes with This TV, a similarly formatted network originally operated by Weigel (whose operational stake in that network was later taken over by Tribune Broadcasting on November 1, 2013); that network's primary source of programming is composed of feature films, though that network also broadcasts classic television series and children's programming.