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Sunday, June 2, 2013

KUTO 15.4 Goes Info-mercial

If you haven't noticed, KUTO's .4 subchannel has dropped the TUFF TV network and replaced it with 24/7 infomercials. PSIP ID now identifies 15.4 as "KUTO-INFO". I believe that they didn't want to drop TUFF, but were forced into it because another LP station in SLC has aquired exclusive rights to TUFF TV in Utah. (Correct me if I am wrong, KUTO!) There is the chance that TUFF may be back on the air in Cache Valley in the future, or that some other network could show up on 15.4 (May I suggest The Cool TV, or Movies!)

I really do enjoy TUFF programming, but I also understand that someone has to pay the bills. And remember, back in the days before digital TV and subchannels, many LP stations existed solely to broadcast infomercials. At least KUTO is still broadcasting worthwhile network and local programming on their three other subchannels.


  1. I live in north Davis Co. and was setting up a new TV.
    After the channel scan I had 41 channels instead of the usual 36.
    4 of those are KUTO .
    I have an amplifier on that antenna . When it works,signal strength is about 36 out of 100 .
    The other channels are up in the high 90s except for ION which is around 67.
    I hope they can eventually boost their signal so we can watch any time .
    Isis is on there !

  2. KUTO is an LP (Low Power) station, and the FCC restricts their signal. Your new TV may have a stronger tuner than your other TV set, or atmospheric conditions may allow you to get it from time to time.

  3. What has happened to channel 15 in Salt Lake?????


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