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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Indoor Antenna Review: Mohu Leaf Plus

Mohu Leaf indoor antenna review
Mohu Leaf Plus
Several people have asked me recently about indoor antennas. My advice to anyone installing an antenna is always "high and outside". Line-of sight installations are always the best way to go, and the closer you can get to that ideal the better and more dependable your reception will be. Walls block signals, and height clears obstructions.  "High and outside" is a firm rule, based on physics, and there's no magic antenna that can change the laws of physics.

But many people, mostly apartment dwellers, are unable to have an outdoor TV antenna for a variety of reasons. The FCC has issued "Over The Air Reception Device" (OTARD) rules that specify when outdoor antenna installations may be restricted.  You can read the FCC OTARD regulations here. If you find that you can't install an outdoor antenna after reading the OTARD rules, then your only option is an indoor antenna.

I recently was provided with a Mohu Leaf Plus amplified indoor antenna for review. I gave the Leaf Plus a spin and put it up against a Eagle Aspen Dtv2B uhf  2 bay outdoor TV antenna. I located both antennas on the top shelf of a bedroom closet and connected them to a 32" Coby TV.

Here's my results.