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 TV Resources:
DTV USA Forum: Get news from the world of digital television,  help with your antenna set up, your home theater, and discuss current events, shows and trends in both FREE OTA and PAY TV. is run by Trip Ericson, and is just crammed with everything you need to know about every station in the USA (and some Canadian and Mexican TV). I consider RabbitEars to be my authoritative source for station data. Trip usually knows what's happening at any TV station before anyone else - and his data is superior to, and easier to access, than the FCC's own data.

Other OTA TV Resources:
TV Related web pages: 

    TV Party :
    Classic and retro TV news and info, all your favorite old shows.

    TV on the Internet:

    The best way to watch streaming content, short of a media computer.

    CatastropeGirl's ROKU blog:  

    I consider Catastrophegirl to be the authority on Roku channels, public and private.

    Amazon Video: Watch instant streaming video on your TV with your computer, set-top box, or internet capable TV or Blu-ray player.

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