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Monday, February 1, 2016

How Cox Las Vegas Cable Viewers Can Watch Super Bowl FREE

KLAS-TV8 dropped by Cox Las Vegas
Cox and CBS Las Vegas affiliate KLAS-TV can't reach a contract agreement. Screens went blank on Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016, showing only this message: "This station is demanding a significant fee increase for this channel and has pulled it from Cox viewers." Talks between Cox and Nexstar are stalled. Caught in the middle are the cable company's Las Vegas customers.

This threatens about 350,000 customers ability to view CBS programming - including the upcoming Super Bowl 50 on Sunday, Feb 7th. You realize, of course, that eventually the two parties will reach an agreement, and programming will be restored. But if you're a Cox customer right now, that's little consolation!

But you can watch CBS and KLAS-TV content for free, and without switching providers!

Here are two easy ways to watch CBS programming, including the Super Bowl, FREE.
  1. Get an antenna. KLAS channel 8 broadcasts their HD signal on RF channel 7 VHF. The signal is full HD, and the transmitter is located on the East side of the city. This makes a simple pair of rabbit ears a viable option. Try a pair like this RCA ANT111. If you can't get this set, then get one that is similar. And avoid any antenna that is amplified! This will only introduce noise and possibly overload your TV tuner. You'll need to place it in a good location for good reception. I suggest an East-facing window.

    Once you set up your antenna, you'll need to go to your TV sets menu and change sources from "Cable" to "Antenna", then scan for channels.

    If you own your own home, you might consider a permanent, outdoor antenna like this UHF VHF FM OUTDOOR DTV ANTENNA- and the next time Cox and a local station have a dispute, you'll be prepared!

    You could get an antenna locally, but given the large number of people seeking an antenna to watch the "big game", chances are they'll be pretty hard to find. But if you go to Amazon and sign up for a Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial , you can have your antenna delivered in two days.
  2. Use the internet.  This will require a computer with a bit of software called "PLEX", a home network, and a Roku or other supported device. The trick involves a service called USTV now.

    You need:
A Free account with USTV Now. Sign up here
A Windows or Mac or Linux computer on the same network as the Roku
The Plex Media Server which can be downloaded here
The Plex app for Roku (Available in the Channel Store) or click here

Plex is available across multiple Platforms
Plex is available on multiple Platforms
Instructions For Signing up for USTV Now
1. First go to the USTV Now website here
2. Select sign up either in the upper right hand corner or on the bottom left of the page
3. Select Free Plan
4. Follow the directions according to the instructions (To keep USTV Now from accessing your Facebook click the x in the corner of the Facebook picture and select clear form and fill the form manually.
5. Confirm the email activation

How to do it
First Step: On a computer download the Plex Media Server and follow the directions from the installation program
Adding USTV Now 
After the Plex Media Server is installed you must add USTV Now to the program via The Unsupported App Store Installer. The Unsupported app store is a group of  Plex channels from independent developers compiled in to an app housed in Plex Channels. One of the channels included is USTV Now. A clever developer has worked on a simple method to install this group of channels.
Once you have downloaded the Plex Media Server and the Plex app for Roku of your choice use the unsupported app store installer and you will be ready to install USTV Now. Do so by clicking on the Unsupported App Store icon and selecting “Video”
The Unsupported app store appears like a channel. Click to be taken to categories. (Click here for larger image)
The Unsupported app store appears as a PLEX channel.
Scroll to the right until you see the USTV Now icon Press “OK” on the remote and “Install”Press the Home button on the Roku and re-open Plex.

Plex and USTV Now are Installed
Open the Plex USTV Now app, go to the preferences and enter your user name and password.
 Remember, the channels on USTVnow are from the EAST COAST, so the times will be off. And there will, of course, be no local Las Vegas content. But you will be able to watch the Super Bowl and all CBS network programming!

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