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Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Return Of Logan's KUTF-DT1, Channel 12.1

KUTF 12, Logan, UT
What is KUTF-DT1 (Channel 12.1), you ask?
Why, it's Logan, UT's only full power TV station, that's not even located in Logan, UT!

(Aren't you glad you asked?)
Quoted from Wikipedia:
KUTF is a Daystar Television Network owned-and-operated station in Logan, Utah that serves the Salt Lake City media market which broadcasts in digital on channel 12. Prior to June 2009, it was a Spanish-language television station owned by Equity Media Holdings and affiliated with TeleFutura. Founded June 9, 2000 and launched on January 1, 2001, the station was at one point simulcast on analog low-power K45GX in Salt Lake City. There are now no longer any Federal Communications Commission records of that repeater.
The channel 12 frequency in Logan previously belonged to KUSU-TV, an educational station owned and operated by Utah State University, which broadcast during the 1960s [1], while the call letters KUTF originally belonged to the CW affiliate in Portland/Salem, Oregon, KRCW-TV.
KUTF was sold at auction to the Daystar Television Network on April 16, 2009, indicating a programming change is planned.[1] On the digital transition date of June 12, the station's analog transmitter went dark.
 So, channel 12 has been silent since June, 2009. It is now broadcasting again as a digital Daystar Network owned and operated station as a single SD 480i channel.

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Future Of FREE TV?

What is the future of free TV? Well, if it's left to the FCC, congress, CTIA, CEA, pay TV providers and wireless providers, it's not going to get any better, and it can only get worse. In the middle of the biggest economic crises since the Great Depression, these forces would like nothing more than to do away with free TV.Why? Money. They want you to PAY for TV and wireless broadband, and the FCC is staffed by lawyers looking to be hired by these industries once their appointments at the FCC come to an end.

Tell Congress to protect free, local television's ability to innovate and provide the news, emergency information and entertainment you expect and deserve.

Take Action Now!
Go to Future Of TV

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Now up to 35 channels free TV in Cache Valley!

As of  July 31, 2012, there are up to 39 TV channels available FREE to most of Cache Valley, not including duplicates (Cache and Franklin counties are broadcasting many duplicates). Of course, it all depends on your location and what antenna you use. In fact, some people may get channel 16's three IonTV channels, and some may get KMTW 20's 4 channels.

You can check TVfool for your channels,
and you can go to TitanTV to set up your own personal channel guide. Here's a sample of my personal channel lineup, and anyone in my neighborhood could get the same channels with a simple antenna.

Is This Enough Free TV For You? 

This listing doesn't include channel 12.1 (Daystar) which has only been seen sporadically, channel 26.1 (The Valley Channel) and KUTA 8.3's 24/7 weather loop.

Channel 39.2 KJDN-LD - My Family TV on air.

Soule Productions' KJDN-LD channel 39.2 has joined the My Family TV Network, and is currently broadcasting the full schedule of  My Family TV shows. Owner Larry Soule says he is currently in the process of installing an automation system to allow for scheduling of commercials and local programming, and is planning for a possible "Grand Opening" event in the near future.

My Family TV's schedule is full of family friendly programming including retro-TV Classics like Peter Gunn, The New Zorro, The Rifleman, Route 66, and Roy Rogers.

CW 30.1, TCN 30.2 , (and KBYU 11.1-11.3?) are back in Cache Valley.

This morning 11/6/2011, my DTVpal converter box found CW 30.1 and TCN 30.2 broadcasting again. I am assuming that Cache County succeeded in their move to Mt Pisgah. I'm also going to assume that Cache County also got KBYU 11.1 - 11.3 back on air again, but I haven't yet checked yet.
 So, everyone, it's time to re-scan your channels once more, and enjoy CW30 in full 720p widescreen again!