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Monday, February 27, 2012

KJDN 39.2 PBJ On Air!


UPDATE: PBJ is now on 39.2, MyFamilyTV is on 39.1, and TuffTV is on 39.3 
The results of the "What Network Would You Like To See In Cache Valley?" poll are not yet complete, but with one month remaining before the poll closes,  Ion TV currently has the lead, with PBJ running a close second.

But today I have a surprise for all you cartoon heads. Tonight, Feb. 27th, 2012, Channel 39 KJDN has started broadcasting PBJ on 39.2.

According to KJDN, their channel lineup is now:
  • KJDN-HD 39.1- My Family TV (HD 720p, but broadcasting SD 480i content)
  • KJDN-PBJ 39.2- PBJ (SD 480i)
  • KJDN-39.3 local sports and advertising (SD 480i - Possible future network TBA
Here is the schedule for PBJ for Q1 2012:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Survey: Nearly One Tenth of Americans Have Considered Cut The Cord.

From the Antennas Direct Blog:

According to a study conducted by consulting firm Deloitte, approximately 9 percent of users subscribing to premium television programming such as cable or satellite TV ditched those services in favor of online options during 2011. With more than 2,000 respondents between the ages of 14 to 75 participating in the survey, eleven percent are considering “cutting the cord” during 2012 since they believe their favorite television shows are already available online. Beyond that group, an additional 15 percent want to try out movies and television shows via online digital sources in the upcoming months.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

PBJ, Coming Soon To Logan, Utah!

Okay, Kiddies big and small! PBJ is coming to Cache Valley!
I've been encouraging northern Utah stations to pick up PBJ as a subchannel since it started broadcasting programming, and I've also been encouraging Luken Communications, owner of PBJ, to contact our broadcasters to bring this, and other Luken networks, to northern Utah. It seems someone has listened, and signed up as a PBJ affiliate. I've checked with multiple sources, and...
Yes, it's confirmed. PBJ is coming!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Stop The Data Caps!

While I'm a big fan of OTA TV, I also use the internet to provide not only Netflix but other content that is unavailable OTA. I have no problems with reasonable caps on wireless access, which is indeed finite, but landline internet providers are now jumping on the "bandwidth cap" bandwagon at an alarming rate.

There's really only two reasons for these caps: The first, of course, is profit. If providers don't have to build out their distribution systems to handle the services they themselves promote, they can save money, at the same time charging for overage fees. The second is more troublesome: Since almost every internet provider also offers some sort of competing video service, these caps serve to "protect" those legacy video services. With most areas of the country being held hostage by monopolies or duopolies, we can't even "vote" with our wallets and leave for another provider.