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Monday, February 27, 2012

KJDN 39.2 PBJ On Air!


UPDATE: PBJ is now on 39.2, MyFamilyTV is on 39.1, and TuffTV is on 39.3 
The results of the "What Network Would You Like To See In Cache Valley?" poll are not yet complete, but with one month remaining before the poll closes,  Ion TV currently has the lead, with PBJ running a close second.

But today I have a surprise for all you cartoon heads. Tonight, Feb. 27th, 2012, Channel 39 KJDN has started broadcasting PBJ on 39.2.

According to KJDN, their channel lineup is now:
  • KJDN-HD 39.1- My Family TV (HD 720p, but broadcasting SD 480i content)
  • KJDN-PBJ 39.2- PBJ (SD 480i)
  • KJDN-39.3 local sports and advertising (SD 480i - Possible future network TBA
Here is the schedule for PBJ for Q1 2012:

 To add the channel to your Titan TV lineup, search for "PBJ", add the PBJ channel KYNM-LD3 from Albuquerque, N.M. and edit the channel details to 39.2

Here is a link to the schedule for MyFamily TV on 39.1:

I pestered more than a few people to get this channel on the air, and I hope it proves to be worth the effort.
You're Welcome, Cache Valley!


  1. Which tower do I point to for this channel?

    1. The tower is on / near Junction Hills, near the west side of the valley. Yes, it doesn't line up with the North/Preston or South/Logan towers, but you should be able to tweak your antenna to get it and either set of transmitters.


      If not, you'll need to change antennas (possibly) get a rotor - about a $100 investment.

  2. I seem to get the KJDN channels on 15.x instead of 39.x. I don't know if it's actually KJDN or not, but it's



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