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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Poll Results Are In - And The Winner IS...

 A few months back, I asked what networks Broadcast TV viewers wanted to see in Cache Valley.

The Results Are IN!
And the winner is ... 
Poll: What networks would you like to see in Cache Valley?

IonTV / Qubo / ION Life
  27 (81%)
  11 (33%)
  19 (57%)
Bounce TV
  8 (24%)
  11 (33%)
  9 (27%)
Pegasus Network
  1 (3%)
Persuit Channel
  2 (6%)
ImaginAsian TV
  8 (24%)
  16 (48%)
  2 (6%)

Votes so far: 33

As You can see, the 3 ION  Networks are the clear winner. Now the problem is to convince Franklin or Cache Counties to make it possible. It seems to me that with the HUGE number of translators that Franklin county is using to transmit MULTIPLE signals of the same channel... some of them even serving as questionable STL "Studio-Transmitter Links" for other translators, rather than using microwave transmissions as they should - Franklin County should step up to the plate and use some of that pile of state funding they get to bring the Ion Networks to Cache Valley, instead of padding their pockets and the pockets of a certain "engineer" who shall remain nameless, but who we shall refer to as NORM. At any rate, ION is not going to step up and build their own translators - like KJZZ 14 did back when they were owned by Larry Miller - you know, back when they were a REAL station, a station with content, content that people actually watched. It's now up to the county governments to make those channels available.

As for the rest of the channels, we'll update you on rankings and the possibility of getting some of those networks here to the valley. (Note: Channel 39.1, KJDN, has picked up PBJ, and TUFF TV is a "sometimes" channel on 39.3)


  1. I told ION that I would carry their main channel on 39.1 without any commercial insertion. I wanted to do this to drive people to the channels. They declined.... As for Franklin- yes they have the microwave option!

    As for KJZZ- the way they convinced the translators to carry them was their content(Mainly Utah Jazz). Now that they don't carry Jazz they should be dropped from the Translators! It's not right for them to drop the very thing that they convinced the districts with.

    1. KJZZ owns most of their own translators, including the one for Cache County, so dropping that is not an option for Cache County. K19EW-D and K21HH-D are owned by Franklin County, however, and at least one of them should be dropped. In fact, we know from looking at several sources that one of those translators is being used strictly as a STL to feed the other translator! Since they are publicly owned translators, they could use that wasted bandwidth by re-mapping the KJZZ translators to Ion and Qubo(KJZZ is a single 720p channel, leaving 2 SD channels free). I heard IonLife's programming is repetitive, and we already have similar content on PBS Create / LiveWell networks.

      Better yet, 14.1 could be dropped to SD, and nobody would notice. That would leave enough bandwidth to run 3 SD subchannels - all 3 Ion networks would be available.

      I would suggest such an option to Franklin County, but Stormin' Norman and the Franklin County Translator District don't listen to anyone.


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