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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Instant Watch Browser for Netflix

One thing that users of Netflix on smart TVs, Roku box, and other devices find annoying is that it's impossible to browse the whole Neflix catalog from the Netflix app for these devices. The official Netflix apps for these devices limit you to a few categories and Netflix's  "suggestions". For myself, this had always meant hopping on the laptop and adding movies to my queue from a browser to find new movies.

But now I've found a solution that allows me to find everything in the Netflix catalog without putting down the Roku Remote.

The Instant Watch Browser for Netflix allows you to browse the entire Netflix instant watch catalog on your Roku! Browse new, expiring and upcoming releases, genres, sub-genres, and related titles, or search by title, actor, and director.

Features include:
  • Browse all titles by genre and/or sub-genre
  • Browse new, expiring and upcoming releases
  • Browse related titles by similarity, directors, and actors
  • Mark genres as favorites for faster access to your areas of interest
  • Search by title, actor, or director
  • Manage your instant queue and rate titles directly from the channel
  • Sort your instant queue by queue position or expiration
  • Sort titles by title, release date, or expiration

No, it's not perfect. It's not the same as browsing Netflix on a web browser, and you can't play movies directly from the app. What you can do is add the movies you've found to your instant watch queue, and then switch to the Netflix channel to watch.It's nice to see what's coming soon, and I don't know how many times I've discovered a good movie that was about to expire using this channel that I would have missed otherwise.

You can add the channel via the channel store, or directly via this link: The price for the channel is $3.99. Once you've purchased the channel, you need to link it to your Netflix account. Click here to link.

If you'd like to try the channel out before buying, try the "lite" version here:

Here's a screenshot:

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