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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Commercially - Built Antennas For Sale. Stock Is Limited.

I have some commercially - built antennas for sale. Local pickup only.
 I have acquired a number of small, commercially made 2 bay antennas. These antennas are ideal for those that have a fairly strong signal and only require basic reception. Retail is $49.99 on these antennas. I'm selling them for $30. On the plus side, they're lightweight, compact (12" x 18") and durable, ideal for attics and for apartment dwellers who are limited in what they can put outside. They also work well as an indoor antenna. The down side is they will not get VHF channels, which for Cache Valley, is KUTA 8 and KUTF 12, and they are better at high UHF (9 db gain @ channel 50) than low UHF (only 6 db gain @ channel 14). All you need is a cable from Walmart or Kmart - or even the dollar store - to connect to your TV. Also ideal if  you are dumping Dish Network or DirecTV.
Other antennas for sale include:

 I have ONE ChannelMaster CM 2016 in stock, it's $40. This is a great little UHF antenna with elements for VHF hi, so you can get channels 8.1 (A-1) and 8.2 (Telemundo), and possibly KUTF 12 (Daystar) in cache valley. It's all set up (it came folded) so it may not fit through your attic access. (it would fit through mine.) Definitely not an indoor antenna unless you're going for that "industrial - techno" look!

 This beastie is the only one of it's kind I've ever seen. I believe it to be built by Antennacraft, it's very similar to the acclaimed Radio Shack U-75r which has been discontinued. I tested it to be just slightly less poweful than the U-75r. It's very directional, UHF only, and would be good for someone living on the valley floor trying to get dependable reception from Franklin county. Used but in perfect condition, it's $45.

These antennas are in addition to my custom built 2 and 4 bay antennas. The price is $60.00 for the 4-bay, and $35 for the smaller 2-bay. I currently have one 4 bay and one 2 bay in stock.
    All antennas are available for pickup for your DIY installation, or I can install them for you starting in the spring. Installation prices start at $150 (small antenna) and $175 (large antenna), antenna included.

    Contact me at cachefreetv @ gmail dot com if you are interested, or have any questions.

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