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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Make Your Own TV Antenna

If you want to try free OTA digital TV, but don't want to spend a lot of money, here's a project that will only cost you a few dollars and about a half hour of your time. Keep in mind that this antenna is NOT for outdoor use, but it is great for mounting in a closet, in your attic, or it could even be hidden in a picture frame with a little modification. It's also a great way to see how many TV channels you can get for free before investing in a commercial antenna.

You could easily re-design this antenna using durable materials to make it suitable for outdoor use.

Watch the video here:

Here's a link to the PDF format instructions for this antenna: PDF Plans

Some tips for a your antenna:
  • Making the "V" longer increases the antenna's effectiveness on VHF hi channels (rf 7-13).
  • Metal coat hangers can be hard to find, you can use 10-gauge copper wire instead.
  • Coat hangers rust. Use the copper wire and galvanized hardware if you plan on putting your antenna outdoors.
  • Likewise, wood is not suitable for outdoor use. PVC makes a great material for outdoor antennas.
  • You will need a matching transformer or balun to attach to your coaxial cable from your TV.
  • Use quality RG6 coaxial cable rather than the cheaper RG59.
  • You can increase the gain of your antenna and make it more directional by putting a hardware cloth reflector 4 inches behind the wire elements.
Feel free to experiment: it doesn't cost much. And if you build your own antenna, please come back and tell everyone how it worked out for you!

Note: There will be more do-it-yourself antenna projects posted here in the future.
UPDATE: Testing has revealed that building according to the diagram below results in higer gain and better VHF-hi and FM reception.

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  1. I have built this antenna following a youtube video. but your video was much better and easier to follow. Thank you for making this video!


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