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Saturday, September 11, 2010


I will be posting television related articles at DTV USA Forum, where I am a contributor. I will post links to relevant articles from this blog, as well as my other blogs. I will continue to work on these pages to help everyone in Logan, Cache County and Northern Utah enjoy...

But, REMEMBER, even if you don't live in these areas, there's still LOTS of good information here about CUTTING THE CABLE or DITCHING THE DISH!

And, if you would like advice on how to live below your means and pocket your savings, please visit

Coming soon to DTV USA Forum :

Do-it-yourself TV antennas! 
Build this antenna for free, or with very little out of pocket!

We'll give you instructions to build this compact 12" x 20"' DTV
urban / near suburban attic / rooftop antenna for next to nothing.
And many more, so you can enjoy FREE Digital OTA TV.
Coming soon to DTV USA Forum!

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