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Monday, September 24, 2012

Vudu Comes to Roku

You Can Do VUDU On Roku.
Roku just keeps getting better... 
As first announced on the Roku Blog on September 20, 2012, WalMart's VUDU subscription-free video streaming service is now available on Roku.

VUDU brings thousands of new releases, Hollywood classics, independent films and TV shows to the Roku platform in vibrant HD. The VUDU channel is free to Roku users, and you’ll even score a free $5.99 video credit when you link your player

With the VUDU channel on Roku, you can:
  • Browse and filter titles by name, genre, release date, most watched, top picks, video quality, MPAA rating, studio, purchase option or Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer rating.
  • Search for either titles or people
  • Check out video extras, cast and crew filmographies, critics’ reviews and a list of similar titles for movies
  • View free trailers for many movies
  • Preview the first two minutes of a title and test your Internet connection speed to make sure you rent/buy the best resolution video for your network
  • Add a movie, TV show or TV episode to your VUDU Wishlist for later viewing
  • Enjoy HD titles in Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound (pass-through only)
Available now on all Roku 2 models, the current-generation Roku HD (model #2500) and Roku LT players in the USA. (VUDU is not available on older first generation Roku  players.) VUDU will be coming to the NEW Roku Streaming Stick in October. You can add the VUDU channel here or find it in the Movies & TV section of the Roku Channel Store, and go HERE to link your player and get $5.99 credit.

I'll be updating with a review next week.


  1. Shaft to the earlier ROKU USERS AGAIN!

  2. You may see it as "the shaft" because it won't work on the previous generation of Roku players. But the fact is that it's not software, the hardware in the older players won't support it.

    If you really "need" VUDU, a new Roku 2 can be had for under $50.


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