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Thursday, September 27, 2012

KJDN-39 Is Moving To Channel 15. Please Re-Scan!

Some of you may have noticed that KJDN 39 has come and gone a few times in the past few days. On a whim, I did a re-scan (I used "scan add") and found KJDN on RF channel 15, but still mapped to virtual channel 39. Somewhat surprised, I contacted KJDN, and asked for a statement. They replied that they are going to relocate to the new frequency soon.

The following is the statement I received from KJDN for publication:

Top of Utah Television apologizes for the inconvenience of the change of channel that is going to occur. For reasons beyond our control, we are going to likely be forced off of 39. No one believed the last channel re-alignment would actually come to fruition and thousands of operators were forced off of their channels for what is now called D-Block for internet broadband. Now, another 20 channels are in contest that lie in the current television spectrum. TOU saw this as a real possibility long before building out PBJ, MyFamily TV, and TuffTV. Now it is looking like real action at the FCC will happen and we are moving in advance to minimize damage. For the next 30-45 days it will be intermittent signal on channel 15 as we dial it in and request a power increase at the FCC. 15 is actually a better channel for receiving, it hugs the contours of the earth slightly better and will reach more homes, according to engineers. This has been a very tough decision and process. We hope by mitigating the problem before it occurs that the FCC and others will protect this new channel, but there are no guarantees. Thanks for your patience as we get through this dilemma. It has always been TOU's goal to bring good network and local programming to the viewers in Cache Valley and along the Wasatch Front. We will get you more information as things unfold.
KJDN asks that you bear with them and re-scan your channels if you can't locate KJDN. I do not know if they will re-map the virtual channel to 15 or 39 or change their call sign, but I am told they plan on continuing their current line-up of PBJ, MyFamily TV, and Tuff TV, along with their broadcasts of local sports and events in 720p HD..

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