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Monday, July 30, 2012

I Want My Cool TV!

Breaking News!
KTVX Channel 4.2 drops  
"The Cool TV", picks up Me-TV network. 

KTVX-TV, Salt Lake City, Utah channel 4 has - without fanfare, or announcement of any kind, dropped The Cool TV like a hot potato today and started broadcasting Me-TV. This past Thursday, KTVX and KUCW (plus 10 other Newport Television stations) were sold to Nexstar Broadcasting as part of Newport Television's sale of 22 of the stations it owns or manages to three separate companies.

About Me-TV

Me-TV (Memorable Entertainment Television) has been entertaining viewers in Chicago since January 2005 and in Milwaukee since 2008. The classic TV format was created to present a wide variety of the iconic series, stars and genres that have defined pop culture and television for decades. On December 15, 2010, Weigel Broadcasting Co. announced the launch of Me-TV as a national network.
Me-TV features a wide range of classic television programming, some of the best programming written for television, that audiences and advertisers find comfortable and engaging. Its library includes series from Twentieth Century Fox Television Distribution and CBS Television Distribution as well as independent series owners and producers. Some of the comedies on Me-TV are: M*A*S*H, Cheers, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, I Love Lucy and The Bob Newhart Show. Dramas on the network include: Perry Mason, The Untouchables, The Big Valley, the original Star Trek and the original Hawaii Five-O series.
In total, the Me-TV Network premiered with approximately 50 series under long-term license agreements. This allows for the type of seasonal and thematic program stunts and schedule changes which have defined Me-TV as the destination for true, classic television presented with respect for the programs and viewers.
For a current program schedule, click here. To read more about some of the programs in the Me-TV library, visit the Programs section of our website.
 If you go to their website, it will assume that you are watching on KCSG, St. George, UT. So this is so new that they have yet to update the website!

  (If you use Titan TV for your program guide, it still shows The Cool TV on 4.2)
(Update, July 31, 2012: Titan TV now shows the correct schedule)

But... But... But... I WANT MY COOL TV!

So, what can you do? I know I will miss it. Maybe some other channel will pick up The Cool TV. Until then, whatcha gonna do?  I looked for a live TheCoolTV stream online, and found it HERE: (I am hoping to be able to post the stream here on this blog soon.)

For those of you that have a Roku box, you can find a live feed of TheCoolTV on the MummyBox private channel. You'll have to search through a lot of channels to find it, but it's there, and video quality is fair to good.

To add MummyBox to your Roku (Free):
code livetvnow
The Cool TV is also available on a few PlayOn channels.

More info will be forthcoming as I find out more.


  1. Thanks for copying my comment from AVS Forums. I was about to email you and let you know of the change.

    1. Thanks David. I had to get the info online ASAP, my readers need to know whats going on...

  2. So irritating! The two channels I watched most (Universal Sports and TheCoolTV) were dropped. The later being more annoying since it was without warning, UGH!

  3. We already have Antenna TV, or whatever it's called over on 13.2, that plays old shows. I'm kind of annoyed as I did enjoy TheCoolTV at times. I'm missing it. If Me-TV does plays programs like the original Star Trek then I would be okay with it. Right now Perry Mason is on, which has been played on PBS for a long time. Not so thrilled with that.

  4. Cool tv was my favorite. Had to google why it was no longer playing. Flipping back and forth from Olympics and hoping that these old tv shows would end and It'd be back to videos.
    Bring it back please!!!

  5. We'll see if we can get Cool Back!

    1. I'd love that, Larry, and so would most of cache valley. I think it would be be great on the same subchannel as your local sports - perhaps MyFamily TV needs to go away. We already have enough retro TV in the valley.

      I'd like to see 39.1=PBJ, 39.2=The Cool TV and local programming, and 39.3=Tuff TV.

  6. I now watch Me-TV more than any other channel. It is a real delight that KTVX is keeping this affiliate full-time and not editing any programs. FYI, the schedule being listed for digital over-the-air 4.2 on TitanTV is now correct. Rejoice!

    1. I agree that there's good stuff on Me-TV. I'd like to see them show Star Trek more than once a week, too...

      But I still want my Cool TV!

  7. Me-TV is great! I was disappointed about the change at first, but now we are enjoying it.


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