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Monday, January 23, 2012

Poll: What networks would you like to see in Cache Valley?

 Cache Free TV's first opinion poll:

 What TV network would you like to see in Cache Valley? 

 I'm going to start the discussion by suggesting that either Cache County or Franklin County should fire up a translator and bring ION TV channel 16 to the Valley. Ion 16 is actually 3 channels, and is the only "MAJOR" network not having its own translator in the valley. It would be a great "family friendly" addition, with movies and shows on Ion 16.1, children's programming on QUBO 16.2, and lifestyle programming on Ion Life 16.3. Ion 16 would require its own translator, since it is actually 3 networks. I would also like to see the new Luken Communications children's classic cartoon network, PBJ, be broadcast from any one of the stations listed below that have available bandwidth for another subchannel.

One, or several, of these networks could easily fill "empty space" on other transmitters. Channels with available bandwidth for SD subchannels include channel 8 KUTA, with enough bandwidth for 2 sd channels (if they drop the current weather loop on 8.3), KUEN 9 with 1 or 2 subchannels, KUTA 12 (Daystar) with 3 subs, KJZZ 14 has room for 2 subs, and KJDN has room for 1 network on its 39.3 subchannel.

Following is a partial list of networks available, from Wikipedia. Keep in mind this is not a complete list, as other channels are available like Cspan and NASA, and stations can broadcast audio - only channels using very little bandwidth, just as channel KUEN 9 currently broadcasts NPR on 9.91.
(Clicking on a link in the "network" column will take you to the Wikipedia page for that network)


Type of Network
Ion Television

Commercial (Channel 16.1, SLC)
This TV*

Classic movies & TV shows

Public TV/Instructional

Classic TV shows
ION Life

Lifestyle (Channel 16.3, SLC)
qubo Channel

Children's (Channel 16.2, SLC)
Antenna TV*

Commercial: movies, reruns
Live Well Network*

Health, Lifestyle
PBS World*

Public broadcasting

Commercial, reruns

Music videos
Bounce TV

African-American Programming
The Country Network*

24/7 Country Music videos
MHz Worldview / MHz Networks*

Nonstop Network

The AccuWeather Channel

Local Weather Information
Tuff TV

Male-oriented programming
A1 (America One)*

Commercial/minor league sports
My Family TV*

Family Entertainment
Biz Television

Business and financial information

Commercial, family
Pegasus TV

Equestrian, Horse-focused, Country Life

Children's; Classic Cartoons
DW-TV (Deutsche Welle)

Minnesota Channel

Educational television, public affairs, ethnic and local programming

New York Public broadcasting
Classic Arts Showcase

Non-commercial performance art video clips
Pursuit Channel

Sports and recreation

Bloomberg Television

Untamed Sports TV

Financial news

Outdoors, recreation
*Asterisk indicates a network we currently receive in Cache Valley.
Polls closed March 30, 2012.

See The Results HERE! 
You may select multiple networks. If you have a suggestion that's not in the poll, add it to the comments section below. And if you want these networks, contact the channels that have bandwidth to spare and let them know you would watch it if they carry it.

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  1. I just moved up from slc and was a little disappointed to see no ION. Hopefully your poll might get someone's attention.


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